THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                                 


Sis Virginia Jove

Vice Chairperson 

Sis Jullehdy Gamban


Bro Lito Pagapong


Bro AJ Cayanan


Sis Rosario Argote


Sis Marie "Apple" Gamban


Sis Henedina Calindas


Sis Marina Hennin


Sis Rufina Pascual


Sis Leonarda Pagapong

Board Secretary 

Sis Zeny Orogo


Sis Ciriaca Tejero




The MinistriesEach ministry is assigned to one member of the BOD for accountability and coordination and shall be under the supervision of a ministry leader.

a) Voices or the Lord Ministry prepares the line-up of songs for the regular praise and worship.  It shall also lead the congregation in worshipping and praising God.

Leader:  Bro Rey "Tasky" Gamban

b)  Evangelization and Membership Ministry is responsible in inviting individuals/families to participate in the evangelization activities of the foundation.  It engages in house visitation and/or direct invitation of people in the larger community.

Leader:  Bro Dante

c)  Healing and Intercessory Ministry provides services to all members and individuals/families in the community who are in of need for prayers and intercession.  The ministry works closely with the lay spiritual leader and the local priest or minister.

Leader:   Sis Jovita Saguival

d)  Financial Development and Stewardship Ministry plans and seeks ways to augment the financial resources of the foundation.  The ministry will explore income-generating activities to financially support the operation and charity acts of the foundation.

Leader:  Sis Elvie Cayanan

e)  Community Fellowship Ministry is responsible for the preparation of food and dining set up for the congregation.  It ensures that fellowship in the community is enhanced through sharing of food after the regular Sunday praise and worship service or during special events of the foundation.

Leader:  Sis Gloria Comia

f)  Kids and Youth for God Ministry is in-charge of providing services to kids and youths of the foundation.  It organizes religious activities that are coherent to Christian values and practices of the foundation.

Leader:  Sis Flor Alama

g)  Place of Worship Ministry is responsible in seeking a place where the Sunday praise and worship service and special events of the foundation can be held.  The ministry likewise ensures the appropriate set up of the place of worship.

Leader:  Bro Eric Gamban

h)  Facilitators of Faith Ministry is responsible for the emceeing at the Sunday praise and worship.  They shall also be responsible for the marshals and ushers/usherettes during regular activities and special events of the foundation.

Leader:  Sis Zeny Orogo

i)  Ministry of Charity is responsible for outreaching the poor and networking and supporting missionaries overseas.  It shall also process applications for charitable support from various church-based groups working for the poor.

Assisting:  Bro Ernie Alama



Bro Ronnie Cayanan (Canada), Bro Marlon Tungpalan (Canada), Bro Arman Comahig (Philippines), Bro Tony Cailan (visiting disciple/preacher, USA), and Bro Ernie Alama (Canada).